Moo Snuckel on the early days of YouTube and family life... | WILDCAST Ep. 6 ft. @Moo

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Moo Snuckel:
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0:00 Intro
10:11 Getting into Gaming
26:12 Call of Duty & The Injury Series
33:28 Getting into USposts
41:20 Moo's Pet Peeves
49:00 Skill-Based Matchmaking
56:34 Replay / Theater Modes
1:00:43 Old Gamertags
1:06:52 Doing USposts Full-Time
1:11:13 The Vanoss Crew's Golden Age
1:15:20 Facecam
1:20:36 The Future of Moo's Channel
1:23:57 Playing Games Outside of Work
1:33:50 Moo's Daughter
1:48:42 Being Introverted
1:58:14 COVID-19
2:03:22 Subverted Food Expectations
2:09:08 Outro
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I AM WILDCAT 7 months ago
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Silent Sage
Silent Sage 2 days ago
Really loving the podcasts Ty. Keep up the good work you guys. It's really cool watching you guys again. For awhile I just pressed hard into my life and focused on working on myself. Partly due to covid I had time to watch you guys again and because I really wanted to see what you guys have been up to and it's really cool how much you've all grown since the start. Keep it up💛.
Tyulenin SFD
Tyulenin SFD 14 days ago
Eli's GamingShow
Eli's GamingShow 3 months ago
Big Smoof
Big Smoof 5 months ago
Big Smoof
Big Smoof 5 months ago
Generic Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy
Generic Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy 16 hours ago
7:10 quarentine 15.... father 40
Generic Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy
Generic Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy 16 hours ago
34:00 captain sparkles prosdonttalkshit
Generic Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy
Generic Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy 16 hours ago
31:10 literally textbook
Generic Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy
Generic Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy 16 hours ago
30:07 dislocated elbow... wildcats grossed out , and panda NOPE
Generic Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy
Generic Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy 16 hours ago
29:00 the injury series
Generic Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy
Generic Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy 16 hours ago
27:55 zombies first terrifying
Matthew Farthing
Matthew Farthing 20 hours ago
KannasMemePage 3 days ago
Oh, the actual sponsor caught me off guard 😂
Sigil 4 days ago
I’m looking at brocks gta character when he speaks I’m BROKEN
Dice 6 days ago
You should do a gta role play with the whole crew and rob a bank
OtherGuy___ 8 days ago
I remember when I was young and my parents told me to turn off the back lights cause it was either illegal or distracted them and I waited until I could drive to see the problem. Been driving for quite a while now and to this day I still don’t see the problem. It’s barely even noticeable let alone distracting.
NotLatvia 12 days ago
I didn't know moo was a vtuber
HUNTΞR 15 days ago
Mans out here havin 2 sponsors in one video
Space Man
Space Man 15 days ago
Space Man
Space Man 15 days ago
1:49:25 RVB RVF RBF fucked it all up... got one of those
ninjaNinja 543
ninjaNinja 543 18 days ago
2:24 ahh fuck
liberty smaug
liberty smaug 20 days ago
When they were talking about land before time it brought me back to my childhood
daniel oleary
daniel oleary 22 days ago
Tyler is gonna be such a good dad
rockyren628 25 days ago
Now the dogcast
Jacob Garz
Jacob Garz 26 days ago
Wildcat is joe rogan Jigglypanda is Brian Redban
Sebastian Gemmill
Sebastian Gemmill 27 days ago
Why is he doing a not showing his face when he literally did a face reveal
crazy kids
crazy kids 18 days ago
See if you would've watched the facecam part you would know, it's because he's not comfortable with
Dakota Gilton
Dakota Gilton 27 days ago
Uhhhhh If they are saying infinity war and Modern Warfare 3 are the same thing. They aren't cause Modern Warfare 3 has the death of nikolai and you being a person called Yuri.
BLACK WOLVE303 28 days ago
When is vannos joining the wild cast
the_mexican12 Month ago
My mom had my older brother when she was 16
Mr ButterBottums
Mr ButterBottums Month ago
Its crazy how much i can relate to the gang
Steffie McDonald
Steffie McDonald Month ago
Love hearing them talking about babies 😊
GoodGuyPog Month ago
panda and wildcat would be great roommates
Bryan Schulte
Bryan Schulte Month ago
Yikes, I was 9lbs 9 oz
maxin smith
maxin smith Month ago
One of my favorite podcasts
dot periodt
dot periodt Month ago
Now in the future listening to this, I hope they’re all happy that they reinstate Theater mode into COD! 😁😎
Chile V Rises
Chile V Rises Month ago
I lov how quick witted moo is 🐄🐄🐄
The og cod was an eh for me
Mr. Gugr
Mr. Gugr Month ago
I did some offscreen mining
The Voice of Reason
The Voice of Reason Month ago
Wildcat just doesn't care anymore.
LT. Simon Riley
LT. Simon Riley Month ago
I used to watch TobyGames SOOOOO much when I was younger, god I go back to watch him
John D
John D Month ago
I have to agree with Tyler about those cotton candy grapes. Those things are nasty and such a disappointment.
Nightcore Nitro
Nightcore Nitro Month ago
12:05 he goes to take a break and comes back to all his shit gone😂😂😂😂😂
Boots And Bitches
Boots And Bitches Month ago
anyone remember a original xbox game and ps2 game called Ty The Tasmanian Tiger that shit was amazing
GTD Productions
GTD Productions Month ago
That sponsor put me into tears
Fred Duhaylonsod
Fred Duhaylonsod Month ago
ayeee this video was released on my birthday noice
Profesor-Cris 2 months ago
about to rais some hell
about to rais some hell 2 months ago
I just want to say i love yall no homo and fucking love the intro ong its amazing
Tubby Bubby
Tubby Bubby 2 months ago
Wildcat should make a reddit Change my mind
Simon Long
Simon Long 2 months ago
If you want to know my console progression, probably not, but it was N64, Gamecube, Xbox, Wii, 360, Xbox One, Switch and PS4. Currently still have the last three.
Adam. 2 months ago
Um wth why is the sponsor that lol
Samurai Appa
Samurai Appa 2 months ago
Wildcat: talks about Tobuskus Me: Now that’s a name I have not heard in a long long time.
YaBoiBanjo 2 months ago
I remember growing up and watching you guys, greatest times of my I have a baby and another on the way, and you guys are still around...plz never leave so I can show y’all too my children (when they reach the appropriate age😂😂)
Kris 2 months ago
Its so much coincidence because I heard something in my house too! And then Panda took off his headset! 1:48:15
Imelda Domingo
Imelda Domingo 2 months ago
When did wildcats channel turn into a sex channel
Jasmine Gonzalez
Jasmine Gonzalez 2 months ago
The first consoles I played was my uncles SNES and Gameboy, I was a toddler playing Mortal Kombat. My first console that was actually mine was a Nintendo DS, DSI, and PSP I played GTA, God of War, Bomberman, and Super Mario 64 I was probably 7 when I played these games 😅
Stone Typical
Stone Typical 2 months ago
Here’s an idea that no one‘s ever thought of... have the option to turn off skill-based matchmaking
KingKelten4 2 months ago
I just love the scream Wildcat did "AAAAAHHHHH thats the scream I used to make"
Josh’s_hunting_vids 2 months ago
These 2 people are the only 2 to get me to buy something
Noah Boutle
Noah Boutle 2 months ago
Ngl kinda heartbreaking when panda says he’ll be in a wheelchair for his kid’s middle school graduation
Noah Boutle
Noah Boutle Month ago
@Smol Fox at 8 minutes
Smol Fox
Smol Fox Month ago
When was this?
Gaudysaturn143 2 months ago
That intro had me crying😂 idk why tho
Bosshogg 790
Bosshogg 790 2 months ago
Got not do
Bosshogg 790
Bosshogg 790 2 months ago
Panda you do sum to tell us 😂
UhhhKyle 2 months ago
I was dead at adam and eve sponsor 😅😅
MUNCH IEZ 2 months ago
Thats your sponsor
andy hysi
andy hysi 2 months ago
I can't believe how low they content has fallen during the years
FLESH GHXUL 2 months ago
Yo.....does Adam and Eve have femboys?
William Ledbetter
William Ledbetter 2 months ago
Honestly loved Anthony’s pitch for Adam and Eve
Sarah Adriana
Sarah Adriana 2 months ago
Get the vanoss crew to do the wildcast. PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN!
MaskeDanger 2 months ago
I died intro 😂😂😂😂
Vize Swavy
Vize Swavy 2 months ago
I think I stumbled upon the wrong Ad 😳
Romanreigns3415 gaming
Romanreigns3415 gaming 2 months ago
Please do a podcast with vanoss
Gav Yeet
Gav Yeet 2 months ago
Yeah Moo if you did facecam all the time you would just be looking a screen the whole time And your daughter would occasionally walk in
Soul T
Soul T 2 months ago
Why're both your sponsors based around balls, Tyler what did you do to get these kind of sponsors?
Gio 2 months ago
If Wildcat or anyone else were to pass Vanoss in subscriber count, would the group's name change to that person's crew?
bootagious 2 months ago
I have a similar story about exite bike
Delta The Best
Delta The Best 2 months ago
Hypurion Override
Hypurion Override 3 months ago
I petition for Vanoss to be on this.
William dabill
William dabill 3 months ago
I was hoping they would ask moo why he doesn't swear. And then get him to say a swear word
Darwin No
Darwin No 3 months ago
theres something so hilarious about wildcat saying "they got sex furniture dude, pretty cool"
MisterMarkerxd 3 months ago
So i thought the Sponsor was a joke but i click on the link and ive never laughed so in my life
Christian D.
Christian D. 3 months ago
Fucking love the sponsor part. Lol
PIXEEEL ! 3 months ago
Damn Never Expected That Sponsor
laniyah brumfield
laniyah brumfield 3 months ago
the intro is so cute i love dogs
BlueEnderProYT 3 months ago
If brock's daughter really walked in... he would probably let her join in... and then go tell her to play outside
derek ballard
derek ballard 3 months ago
Wow panda sucks at this game too.
ALBERT FLECK 3 months ago
Babyleriuos is up coming tho
Gravy Machine
Gravy Machine 3 months ago
hey i tore my acl in my left leg too lol
MR Bobby Kebobby
MR Bobby Kebobby 3 months ago
Till this day i still can't believe i grew up watching them.
TGN 3 months ago
8:19 really you weren't planned? after My mom had my older brother she almost died and my brother too I dont remember what she said but the doctors were forced to have her tubes tied (meaning she cant have kids ever again) 7 ¹/² years later I was born, so yeah I think I win the game of unplanned pregnancy
crazy kids
crazy kids 18 days ago
Gabriel Neff
Gabriel Neff 3 months ago
it is awesome that you started this
fjøsnissen !
fjøsnissen ! 3 months ago
Get delirious on
Serenity14 3 months ago
You need Vanoss on the show
Jaffy 3 months ago
26:37 yoooooo finest hour was the shit
Kevin Kirkaldie
Kevin Kirkaldie 3 months ago
Dude wtf. That's how you intro an interview wit Moo? Vibration and ball shaving? I'm gonna watch it, because ye'alls content is better than watching rocks have a verbally abusive divorce, word. Woops, edited, I understand the stand in garbage.
LucidTearz 3 months ago
Wtf is this sponsor? It's scaring me.
Jacob Carpino
Jacob Carpino 3 months ago
Everyone on the Wildcast: I had an NES and Playstation and... Me and my Wii : ;-; ok then
Smoggylynx 98143
Smoggylynx 98143 3 months ago
42:38 had me dying
RemU 3 months ago
Two Bar Beast and One Bar Wonder, the most infamous 3d intro bandits.
DJKDavid 3 months ago
So we just gonna ignore the fact that they got sponcered by a fucking sex toy company
Alicia Bruder
Alicia Bruder 3 months ago
When my brothers no longer played with their game boys, I’d play on that. Though my one brother had a ps2 that my parents would make him let me play on it for a bit. We had a family wii though I think I ended up using that the most. I then saved up money for a Nintendo ds lite. I think the last time I played on a gameboy was when my eldest brother started college, then I mostly played on my ds. Then later I’d buy my iPod and then later have my phone upgraded to an iPhone. I played my brothers x box once. I have a ps3 it needs a part for color to work on out tv, I have no games for it, mainly used it for Blu-ray. I hope to use it once I’m done with college. I mainly game on my iPad and laptop for now. I want my first ps3 game to be gta 5, then I plan to get other computer and ds games I’ve wanted or haven’t been able to play since I was young.
Montana Bass
Montana Bass 3 months ago
You see even when I was younger I was afraid of sports because I value my body and absolutely cannot handle pain. Moo has experienced some crap.
RebelSoldier007 3 months ago
first cod i played was cod 1 or cod 2 pc but Vietcong: Fist Alpha was better then any game out in 2004
RebelSoldier007 3 months ago
computer in the 90th where the best and im a pc guy
eyeyCCC You
eyeyCCC You 3 months ago
How the actual fuck did they allow this ad to happen 😂😂😂
novathepilot 3 months ago
I’m 15 and my first console was n64 with super smash bros
Bronny 3 months ago
Anthony imitating the kids walk is adorable.
RØNIN-XIX 3 months ago
This episode brings moo the most caring person on youtube with an adorable daughter Sponsor: YOU WANT A RUBBER COCK UP YOUR ASS? GO TO ADAM AND EVE
DoopP YT
DoopP YT 3 months ago
WTF is the sponsor
DarkNi6ht 223
DarkNi6ht 223 3 months ago
You should get THE DOO or AZZERZ on next!!
kingTiger 3 months ago
Is moo is gta?
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