Modern Warfare but this new sniper rifle has EXPLOSIVE rounds...

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6 months ago

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Jake Cross
Jake Cross 5 days ago
That launch when the body hit the tree. The guy flew all the way back to call of duty 2
adam cummins
adam cummins 8 days ago
i love when they hype up anthony he deserves the best haha
Carjacker 6
Carjacker 6 10 days ago
Peyton Rogers
Peyton Rogers 10 days ago
Wildcat the new fearless
no sensai
no sensai 11 days ago
If he can milk 3 ppl at thime y wont he use his feet
South シΨ
South シΨ 13 days ago
Idk why you pull out 725 and think your good
The Gamer Hideout
The Gamer Hideout 29 days ago
8:26 we finna talk about that chat right
suunwavve 29 days ago
My dog shot out of bed and was ready to play at the squeaker toy sound at the beginning
Josue Vasquez
Josue Vasquez Month ago
I wonder what there neighbors are thinking when they hear them screaming
Tyler Pedemonti
Tyler Pedemonti Month ago
I would fucking love to be neighbors with panda 🤣🤣🤣
Ben R.
Ben R. Month ago
Is Panda okay? 3:25
Codey Cummings
Codey Cummings Month ago
Me : casually talking to my friend My brother in the background: 2:02
Dizzy Dez
Dizzy Dez Month ago
The "Soup sniper"
Liana Camarillo
Liana Camarillo 2 months ago
It was fanboying for me 🤣🤣
John Horton
John Horton 2 months ago
who agrees that wildcat should create a SNIPING montage?!
Tyquaine Bassfield
Tyquaine Bassfield 2 months ago
He’s fucking weird Wildcat spit on me
SCRCE blxz
SCRCE blxz 2 months ago
Dooky sight use the default sight
Phillip Miller
Phillip Miller 2 months ago
That one guy flew higher than the UAV 😂
Slims Life
Slims Life 2 months ago
5:55 "ohh dear euegggh"
Kevin Adams
Kevin Adams 2 months ago
Love these videos, I watch them all the time and I am literally rolling around lmao.
Ricky Hernandez
Ricky Hernandez 2 months ago
NorthernLaw 3 months ago
This video has WAY too many funny clips that you can't point them out, the whole video is just insanely hilarious
Mosthated Herbo
Mosthated Herbo 3 months ago
Wildcat must have lost that game when dude said he was gon try thas why he edited it out at 4:09
Wxrld Gxraffe
Wxrld Gxraffe 3 months ago
Tyler’s mom listening to this vid: 👁👄👁
no sensai
no sensai 3 months ago
Poor guy he was getting force to try hard when he wants to vibd
Kyle Johnson
Kyle Johnson 3 months ago
I would literally hate youtube if it wasn't for wildcat and his amazing videos
Cason Catoe
Cason Catoe 3 months ago
hearing the kobe after that nade throw almost made me cry
God of Bleach
God of Bleach 3 months ago
Wildcat Plays one match Random: aahhhh wildcat please talk to me dirty with your shit mic
Cloned Senpai
Cloned Senpai 3 months ago
9:03 anybody else eating and immeadiately lost there appetite curse you wildcat
Inthewoods102 Friga
Inthewoods102 Friga 3 months ago
In the background you hear Scotty scream DIIIIIEEEEEE AAAAAHHHH
ZELMY MACHADO 3 months ago
I think also why you cant kill them maybe because the bullet velocity
noah castle
noah castle 3 months ago
he is a god
maruftim 3 months ago
wow anthony is really good
Zayne Bonshire
Zayne Bonshire 3 months ago
4:09 - 4:19 SHITTER 3x
Thirsty Goat gaming
Thirsty Goat gaming 4 months ago
Tyler rages to much lol 😂
AceGelato4x 4 months ago
Of course gotta buy more ****in cod points
T0M4T0 4 months ago
0:44 A funny but retarded laugh
lolololol_ol 4 months ago
what gamemode is he playing
Izah Mal
Izah Mal 4 months ago
Omg sorry wildcat I may have refreshed my page and now the ones I seen hear are gone
Gary Yennings
Gary Yennings 4 months ago
Anyone notice the time shots with the music
Taser Face
Taser Face 4 months ago
Anybody else think jiggly should play as Shrek
Cody Carbaugh
Cody Carbaugh 4 months ago
Faze wildcat lol
Garamo 4 months ago
“at least i’m doing better than anthony” “shocker”
xxxdemonitation 4 months ago
Shoulda spit bruh
Mythic_ AlphaYt
Mythic_ AlphaYt 4 months ago
Dean Brown
Dean Brown 4 months ago
I was in a zoom call and i had my mic on for the entire milk part lmfaooo.
Antimatter 4 months ago
Am I the only one that thought it said femboy scream?
Zephaniah Small
Zephaniah Small 4 months ago
0:12 to 0:20 is funny as hell
Icey Shoob
Icey Shoob 4 months ago
"Spit on me uuhhh" lmaooo
Alex Coffelt
Alex Coffelt 4 months ago
The hell was that noise -3:26
kyle w
kyle w 4 months ago
Dude first 30 seconds of Tyler speaking is some leqion level shit lol
Dilan Tuniyants
Dilan Tuniyants 4 months ago
I love it how Wildcat and Panda are talking about hummus while Fourzero is screaming DIE DIE🤣
Sam 4 months ago
no one gonna talk about the flying book or whatever it was at 13:30
Grim 4 months ago
I got the rytek gold in three hours and my first game with it I got 84 idk why they’re struggling wildcats a GOAT
Rj_ SalazarYT08
Rj_ SalazarYT08 5 months ago
Rj_ SalazarYT08
Rj_ SalazarYT08 5 months ago
Aaron Blevins
Aaron Blevins 5 months ago
1:55is it the gun or you
Alyssa 5 months ago
the intro had me dying XDXDXD
ghostlincon 5 months ago
And this is how cod should be good run and all have mics
ToastyGaming 5 months ago
Wildcat and panda laughing about lost hummus But me laughing because fourzero just screaming die in the backround LOL
Nasa 5 months ago
The first vid I see of him and they talk about making each other happy ilove it
Sykik 5 months ago
Anthony:post hummus Scotty in the background:DIEEEE
Jack Mcwilliam
Jack Mcwilliam 5 months ago
I respect that guy at 4:00 just trying to have fun
Tom Layton
Tom Layton 5 months ago
5:55 me running from the fake serial killer behind me Edit: at 12:00 am
Trey Laird
Trey Laird 5 months ago
Anyone know how to get Wildcats calling card?
Miguel Herrera
Miguel Herrera 5 months ago
Bruh I love wildcat his humor is funny af
Legend Eseroma
Legend Eseroma 5 months ago
anthony yells its my swaaaaaaamp
Cesar Mcbride
Cesar Mcbride 5 months ago
Post hummus I’m dying
LuxuriousChris 5 months ago
This dude is seriously mad, salty just because He shitted on. it's called "getting owned"
James Butler
James Butler 5 months ago
I believe that the new sniper is a camping sniper for ground war and the br
Ashoncash C
Ashoncash C 5 months ago
I just realized I played with him in one of these sAd matches
Snow Da Bird
Snow Da Bird 5 months ago
bro should i get this or wait for bo5 cold war
Anthony Detoro
Anthony Detoro 5 months ago
Iamwildcat is the best modern warfare player ever
supergamer 101
supergamer 101 5 months ago
Wildcat add me
Trippy Pirate
Trippy Pirate 5 months ago
I was 10 and 3 and got shit talked by a 6 and 4
Nate Stansbury
Nate Stansbury 5 months ago
goddamn I love your videos but damn you are the problem with all of the toxicity.
Anthony Griffin
Anthony Griffin 5 months ago
My name is Anthony so hearing wildcat say the thing about jiggly makes me happy
Julian Santos
Julian Santos 5 months ago
4:24 hahuh
Julian Santos
Julian Santos 5 months ago
3:30 ha thunk
Visit_LoserMC YT
Visit_LoserMC YT 5 months ago
10:50 is when wildcats starts cheating
Meme Report
Meme Report 5 months ago
He just fucking padookered on him😂
Goldfish /
Goldfish / 5 months ago
Gavin Burdick
Gavin Burdick 5 months ago
I love the random screaming Yoda
Emmanuel Ng'ambi
Emmanuel Ng'ambi 5 months ago
9:47 I love this level of being toxic😂😂
Fudz spudz
Fudz spudz 5 months ago
Anthony getting hype got me dying
BB10 BB10
BB10 BB10 5 months ago
The explosive bullets have 60% less of the normal bullet speed on the sniper but the burning bullets (idk know the name of them) have 20% less travel speed than the normal bullets so i would recomend them for wildcat
Valar Ossentis
Valar Ossentis 5 months ago
The irony of someone calling wildcat a pig lol
Valar Ossentis
Valar Ossentis 5 months ago
Oh my god wildcat spit on me
Ace Lord
Ace Lord 5 months ago
What are your attachments on the ax-50
jb4123go 5 months ago
I love rewatching these videos and seeing what Tyler types in the chat
Phantom Bricks
Phantom Bricks 6 months ago
Milky milky
Gaw 6 months ago
dang, if only i could get this game for xbox aaaa
XxxBbeastxxX 4968
XxxBbeastxxX 4968 6 months ago
ummm did he just say Jabron Lames ;.;
Trinidi Edwards
Trinidi Edwards 6 months ago
Collin May
Collin May 6 months ago
What I can say is call of duty is fuckin' fun man
Collin May
Collin May 6 months ago
Dude MP5 for the win no matter what ya say
leonscottkennedyre4 6 months ago
How come wildcats sniper shots sound different?
Cameron Butterfield
Cameron Butterfield 6 months ago
6:33 when a kid knocks on shrek's door on Halloween dress as farquad.
The Void
The Void 6 months ago
6:33 i couldn't breath and i was crying
Hayden Brewer
Hayden Brewer 6 months ago
Bro this intro is hilarious
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