Among Us but I won with a crazy 9000 IQ Impostor play...

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18 days ago

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Sussano Megami
Sussano Megami 23 hours ago
who is gabbie ?
Edge Lord Supreme Ruler of the Edge
Edge Lord Supreme Ruler of the Edge Day ago
Wolf Gaming
Wolf Gaming Day ago
Hafu is annoying
AZRAEL'S DEATH 3 days ago
No freaking way!!! Jay Mewes 🤘🏼🖤 hell to the yes wildcat!
Big M
Big M 5 days ago
Imagine being 1 of the 256 people who dislike this video. Clowns
Gage Moreland
Gage Moreland 7 days ago
Dude hafu annoys tf outta me she’s so mug “ehhhhhhh yOu diD rEaLlY gOod”
S&G SiblingGoals
S&G SiblingGoals 9 days ago
Hafus annoying to me no offense
Lixfeii 9 days ago
Bruh public lobby are fat and gay, which is why i try to make groups with my friends, But thats difficult because i have no friends 🧘🏻‍♂️👍
Anthony Bryant
Anthony Bryant 13 days ago
No matter what you do they believe hafu
iMarsh 13 days ago
wait is that actually jay? im probably super late on that but holy shit
ItzCreeperShotz 13 days ago
Hi wildcat
DOGGOS PLAY 13 days ago
F*ck hafu not letting anyone speak and going sweat mode
NorthernLaw 13 days ago
This glitch where the reporter can be dead is awful lmao, they can basically reveal any info of who killed them because technically they don't know if they are dead
NorthernLaw 13 days ago
Anita is wack lmao we all know this though
ToxicFlicks 14 days ago
Wait what Jay mewes has a gaming youtube channel???!!!! xD
Traffic Cone
Traffic Cone 14 days ago
Ew is dumb dog a furry?
Logic 14 days ago
Fs in the chat because USposts is broken!!! Yaayyyy we love it when that happens don’t we!!!
That Guy
That Guy 14 days ago
Does anyone else find Hafu annoying af?😂
Andrew Aparicio
Andrew Aparicio 15 days ago
IT'S OVER 9000!
Sauparna Kar
Sauparna Kar 15 days ago
This is me Hey
TheSulivan 15 days ago
Wildcat turned full emo playing with these people
dafnny sylvia
dafnny sylvia 15 days ago
emergency awesome
Noah Dip
Noah Dip 15 days ago
Hey wildcat I set a new record for my dog year me I found the answer to 10 times 0 in 5 mins
Maitrik Patel
Maitrik Patel 15 days ago
Omg omg!!! my friend, you are the best player among us
Phoeenix Gaming
Phoeenix Gaming 15 days ago
Wait hold up is that Jason Mewes?
Rorion Soroka
Rorion Soroka 15 days ago
wildcat becomes so lame when people actually know it’s him 😂
Elias Roman
Elias Roman 15 days ago
Why every title to every video the same ?? Even with nogla and everyone else "* Title of game * BUT blah blah blah"
Wedjininja 15 days ago
broooo these videos give me life
davetank 72
davetank 72 15 days ago
Jay and silent bob play among us
Haven Gaming 27
Haven Gaming 27 15 days ago
damn Wildcat's strategies went from 5000 IQ TO 9000 IQ REAL QUICK
Ryan Jon Woodruff
Ryan Jon Woodruff 15 days ago
10/10 Jason Mews
Eluminate 15 days ago
Nugget's Nuggets
Nugget's Nuggets 15 days ago
Exactly why I hate groupers.
Caden Cibulka
Caden Cibulka 16 days ago
What’s gabbies ig or twitch
Senso_Ultra 16 days ago
"😑I've been dead? Oh nooo😑"
Berry Bones
Berry Bones 16 days ago
This is drugs to me
The-Real-Chase 16 days ago
Gabbie not on USposts? She look fine as hell by that little discord circle 🥴 please someone lmk where to go
Maul_Plays 16 days ago
Love the Mewes games
BkzKillaJayce Gomez
BkzKillaJayce Gomez 16 days ago
Did u guys know impostors heartbeats on vitals are different then everyone else’s and if a crewmate is near imposter their heartbeat increases and if the imposter kills their heartbeat increases
Liam Vella
Liam Vella 16 days ago
Crazy how they can make any game a sweat fest
Eduardo Bazan
Eduardo Bazan 16 days ago
turd man jones 😂
DTHV 16 days ago
The best player of Among Us 🤣🤣👌
Jay Brogdon
Jay Brogdon 16 days ago
My guy is a beast, keep going wildcat, you are awesome at lying, killing, and being a sneaky son of a gun
Terrorkatt 16 days ago
shadow OG
shadow OG 16 days ago
I hate hafu
lil brisky
lil brisky 16 days ago
Hafu mad annoying
Cole Plaisance
Cole Plaisance 16 days ago
Is mewes fucking Steve-O
dragon436 16 days ago
Mewes was clearly a simp for hafu that last gameplay XD she buttered him up and roasted him good with those compliments when he hasn't played that much.
Mathew Wachtendonk
Mathew Wachtendonk 16 days ago
I’m surprised people still play among us, I don’t even watch or play among us anymore
SpandahCake 16 days ago
Who is gabbie?
Ruben Soto
Ruben Soto 16 days ago
Best duo Cat Dog
amber_ corinne_
amber_ corinne_ 16 days ago
TooFastFilms 16 days ago
Anyone else who watches the stream, would you agree that Hafu lowkey/highkey annoying af 🤷🏻‍♂️
Darreon Walker
Darreon Walker 16 days ago
Nice 🤘🏽😂
ECW1865 16 days ago
I can’t believe you got to play with Jay of Jay and Silent Bob!!
Yxng Midoriya
Yxng Midoriya 16 days ago
gabbie....Wolfabelle....i love you
trevordalton01 16 days ago
It’s good to know that Jay figured out what the internet is!
Yoola' Roola
Yoola' Roola 16 days ago
Can u play more apex
Chris Welcome
Chris Welcome 16 days ago
Just waiting on that mythical 100,000 IQ play
Beviwa Phillips
Beviwa Phillips 16 days ago
"Meme it up a little bit" -Wildcat2020
Sevaun Mason
Sevaun Mason 16 days ago
Right on time to make my depression go away just hearing other people’s friends arguing
Jake The Viking
Jake The Viking 16 days ago
If you ever need one I’d be down to play 🥺
Jalen Crowley
Jalen Crowley 4 days ago
@TitanOPGamer567 didnt even read your msg mate no one cares lol keep going doe
Stryder 4 days ago
Oh shit this is the dude in Mr Beast's videos.
TitanOPGamer567 4 days ago
@Isaiah Prevo saaamme
TitanOPGamer567 4 days ago
@Jalen Crowley also why u say shit if no one cares anyway 😂🤣😂🤣
TitanOPGamer567 4 days ago
@Jalen Crowley says a guy who wanted to judge someone else's decisions when they chose to put their actual name on USposts 🤔🙄 makes sense to me
Love Trolling
Love Trolling 16 days ago
“Vote for yourself let’s have some fun” 😂😂😂
Love Trolling
Love Trolling 16 days ago
8:34 😂😂😂
Love Trolling
Love Trolling 16 days ago
7:51 😂😂😂
Love Trolling
Love Trolling 16 days ago
2:30 😂😂😂
Love Trolling
Love Trolling 16 days ago
Hetgar Marcos
Hetgar Marcos 16 days ago
Crazy how I didn’t notice sweet_anita was playing with wildcat lol I noticed her from the sidemen tinder video she was Hilarious lmfao 🤣
Finn Klein
Finn Klein 16 days ago
Next vid: IQ Move WOW
Robert Avila
Robert Avila 16 days ago
Dillon Maddox
Dillon Maddox 16 days ago
He should play phasmophobia
STILL 16 days ago
Narrative of Self is the result of a feedback loop between “Separate Self” & Cosmos♥️
T-Virus Terrance
T-Virus Terrance 16 days ago
Hello, Humans. "Never cut what you can untie." -Joseph Joubert TERRANCE OUT
Viva plays
Viva plays 17 days ago
For that ending when she said you’ll know when the game doesn’t end we were correct wildcat should’ve just left so it ended
Marlene Horvath
Marlene Horvath 17 days ago
No guys WildCat just added 3 zeros he actually as 9iq cause people sused him if no one sused him he wouldn’t have to use high iq to convince them that he wasn’t impostor so he would’ve had 9000 if no one sused him in the first place. Lmao
Marlene Horvath
Marlene Horvath 17 days ago
I’m ready for people to rage at this
bigfut `
bigfut ` 17 days ago
I dare you to be -2000
TARGET 17 days ago
Omg omg!!! my friend, you are the best player among us
Sevaun Mason
Sevaun Mason 12 days ago
Holy hell I just realized that was Jason Mewes. Lol
maruftim 16 days ago
DEAD REAPER6805 16 days ago
@Spooky Tsunami Whats that mean?
Spooky Tsunami
Spooky Tsunami 17 days ago
Oh it’s u
Livid 17 days ago
i almost spit my drink out when he said "yeah vote for urself"
Dark Lurker
Dark Lurker 17 days ago
Yo DK go back to fortnite stay in your lane remember
Berny Perez
Berny Perez 17 days ago
Anyone know who that Gabbie is ?
Kevin Xu
Kevin Xu 17 days ago
A Little Among Us Story Crew (Brown) : Red sus Imposter (Red) : How?! Crew (Brown) : you literally vented, killed, and faked a task that wasn’t actually a task Darker (Gray) : Ngl Red sus AmongSus (Dark Green) : Red sus Imposter was an imposter 1 Imposter remains Darker (Gray) POV: Purple quiet Purple Guy (Purple) : *stabs Darker*
Daniel Rice
Daniel Rice 17 days ago
IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!!
ImAlpha.Marius 17 days ago
Need Gabbies @, why isn’t she linked in the description 😤
Luka Renoir
Luka Renoir 17 days ago
bro dk is always so confidently wrong. he should get into politics
Lukas Burton
Lukas Burton 17 days ago
ProComGameSツ Гейминг
ProComGameSツ Гейминг 17 days ago
Mr.T Gaming
Mr.T Gaming 17 days ago
Wildcat makes such Great Content!!
Adrian Keyes
Adrian Keyes 17 days ago
Every among us title and thumbnail ever
xXEchoes 17 days ago
Should've waited for doors at the end and closed it to save you the time either than that best content lol vote for yourself
IVI4I_IR0 17 days ago
Joseph Zietz
Joseph Zietz 17 days ago
DK is seriously Third Imposter Hall of Fame.
Zen Svelte
Zen Svelte 17 days ago
Last time there was 5000 IQ, now it's 9000. What will we be seeing next time?
Emory Rodriguez
Emory Rodriguez 17 days ago
Hafu is so annoying
Jim Hoxworth
Jim Hoxworth 17 days ago
Bruh how the hell did you get Jason Mews in your video.
Depressed TKK
Depressed TKK 17 days ago
Rip king von
r e d
r e d 17 days ago
Wolfabelle looked into the hole, and it looked back
Carlos Enrique Hernández Patacón
Carlos Enrique Hernández Patacón 17 days ago
Is it me or dk has been third impostoring the whole time?
Matt Sherer
Matt Sherer 17 days ago
What’s in this chocolate i’m seeing things 😂😂😂
Howard Stephen Posadas Ardon
Howard Stephen Posadas Ardon 17 days ago
Where is Gabbies channel... She looked hella fine in her discord profile pic
Alyssa Buchanan
Alyssa Buchanan 17 days ago
You guys should play this but instead of saying it wasn’t you everyone has to say that “it was me” and argue on who it actually was
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