Drunk Pokémon pack opening gone wrong... (WAP dance included)

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Month ago

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Connor Wilson
Connor Wilson 13 hours ago
Anthony your fucked up when you're drunk.
Jedimonkey 9
Jedimonkey 9 16 hours ago
So your the reason I can't buy the chanpions path elite box
Austin Friend
Austin Friend Day ago
Tyler: I'm never opening Champions Path again Also Tyler: Let's open 70+ packs of Champions Path
crunchy noodles
crunchy noodles Day ago
17:13 thank me later
Helbert737 Day ago
4:42 "Weird Ass Panda" nice acronym!
Creeper FILMS
Creeper FILMS 2 days ago
Bro panda was vaping anyone else seen that😂😂
Destinysday 2 days ago
13:51 these cards suck
Das a toilet
Das a toilet 2 days ago
Porsche 911 turbo dang Anthony that’s a 500,000 dollar car 🤣 also it goes 201 MPH
Atomic Llama
Atomic Llama 2 days ago
I'm always gonna love this video because it's so amazing with the humour and content
Jade Hutchison
Jade Hutchison 2 days ago
The swanky employer promisingly x-ray because starter correspondingly unite despite a obeisant sense. shaggy, useless knife
Zachary Darnell
Zachary Darnell 2 days ago
when panda said "you cocksucking motherfuckers send us cards" I died
RetroD3liri0us 2 days ago
If I lived near panda they would go from nearly extinct to taking over the world
Lil_trey 32
Lil_trey 32 3 days ago
13:54 me when I see my mom with the belt
Big Bank
Big Bank 3 days ago
I love how when Panda started Wildcat waited for the *grunt*..... Instantly said not uh keep going 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
aaryn clesos
aaryn clesos 3 days ago
As wildcat casually wears an off white hoodie hahahahaha
6funny 3 days ago
I just realized I had a rainbow and dark charzard
Lupe Granados
Lupe Granados 4 days ago
Lupe Granados
Lupe Granados 4 days ago
Tristan Buss
Tristan Buss 4 days ago
The more drunk they get, the more they become the same person.
Adam Brosche
Adam Brosche 4 days ago
Has anybody else heard the similar sounds between anthony's laugh at 13:52 to the Widowmaker from Resistance 3? or is that just me?
This Is Nebula
This Is Nebula 5 days ago
killerxpvg 5 days ago
i have laughed this hard since fucking dragon ball z gmod
BruceyGaming 5 days ago
Anyone have the actual full stream?
Aron Garza Jr.
Aron Garza Jr. 6 days ago
What kind of keyboard is that
Tunable Floof
Tunable Floof 6 days ago
I was drinking- *THESE CARDS* Gets ready to throw *SUCK!!!!* 13:50
ctrin00 _
ctrin00 _ 6 days ago
8:40 the funniest shit ever
Loading 6 days ago
Drunk Panda is also called smart Panda
Brysan Elford
Brysan Elford 6 days ago
Bruh he does know that if he gets his vmax charizard raided then he can get about 7000$ for it if it’s straight out of the pack
Erin Levi
Erin Levi 6 days ago
Guys I found Tyler's mating call 😂😂😂😂 13:03
CyberDance 6 days ago
I laughed way more than I should’ve when Jiggly threw the cards at the camera and Tyler went silent 😂
thedrifter93 6 days ago
They have already pulled 2 $300 cards and they want more lol
mandybear1112 7 days ago
Dang norwega gets me everytime love that place!
skyrim xpert
skyrim xpert 7 days ago
I wish all the pokemon packs wernt sold out, i just wanted one and i looked at 3 places and still nothing
JXXT 8 7 days ago
I wanna get packs cause of this
Cohplayz Conn
Cohplayz Conn 8 days ago
I heard the music so I knew he was gonna pull a charizard
Alcatraz JYH
Alcatraz JYH 8 days ago
Pulling a Shitty Pokémon Card in a Nutshell: 13:51
CODARC Captain
CODARC Captain 8 days ago
Wildcat: ooh it's galarian corsola v. Me: CUUUURSE!!!
HE162forpresident akatogerr2
HE162forpresident akatogerr2 8 days ago
I'm sorry but drunk panda and wildcat are the best
GrayDoughnut 384
GrayDoughnut 384 9 days ago
Chubby little dogs think they're big and strong but big and strong dogs think they are tiny little babies that can fit in the palm of your hand
Corked 9 days ago
13:48 look at wildcat he looks genuinely terrified 😂
13:51 These cards sucked!
Baby Patrick
Baby Patrick 10 days ago
Name a better Pokémon opening duo I’ll wait
The supreme bro’s Yt
The supreme bro’s Yt 10 days ago
WAP included this a whole ass care package
Kyle Malott
Kyle Malott 10 days ago
Question i can't find the link to the website you've been sayin for cards and stuff
Tomas Armendariz
Tomas Armendariz 11 days ago
Where da fuq does he get all these packs? 🤦‍♀️
Minecraft Boy
Minecraft Boy 11 days ago
13:50 this cards suck
cheesy coke
cheesy coke 11 days ago
you can tell how panda gets more drunk over time
Daniel Clark
Daniel Clark 11 days ago
this video got me so excited about pokemon that I went and got, also fat dogs are amazing
Owen Is a dipshit
Owen Is a dipshit 11 days ago
i want more of this
Oblivious Reason
Oblivious Reason 12 days ago
I haven’t laughed this hard at one of your videos in YEARS I’m talking WW zombies days
PUGZ DTR 12 days ago
Panda is so out of it during this
BBQ GRILLZ 12 days ago
Ya know people send streamers money all the time and yet there people out here starving 🤷🏼‍♂️
_.ゾンビキング 13 days ago
since panda has 3 shiny lizards why don’t you trade him for one of the english version
Jacob Strickland
Jacob Strickland 13 days ago
This should be a series
Tobi Uchiha
Tobi Uchiha 13 days ago
I wanna start my own collection now just by watching this
GoodBurger 911
GoodBurger 911 13 days ago
I didn’t search this
Yarde 13 days ago
13:52 pure silence
Jessy Jade
Jessy Jade 14 days ago
That’s blue keyboard is so cool
Jackson Keran
Jackson Keran 14 days ago
Where do they even sell the cards that they pull? Who is buying them?
Tristan E
Tristan E 14 days ago
This is my kind of 2021 energy
Amy N.I
Amy N.I 14 days ago
7:36 - charizard V
Bailey Sanderson
Bailey Sanderson 15 days ago
Their friendship makes me happy🥺☺
Maggie Williams
Maggie Williams 15 days ago
Riley C
Riley C 15 days ago
13:48 yeet da bebys
Billy Barndt
Billy Barndt 15 days ago
I swear tyler and anthony are one person when they are drunk
Jordzyi1 15 days ago
Wildcat Content. GMod. COD GTA V FAGNITE & Now Pokèmon
callum Mc daily mckenna
callum Mc daily mckenna 16 days ago
13:49 best moment
Matss Helli
Matss Helli 16 days ago
Talking about my country! It's pronounced N.O.R.W.A.Y you fool's! 🤣🤣🇧🇻🇧🇻 Love you both Taylor and Panda ❤
Hunter Koopman
Hunter Koopman 16 days ago
Yeah, you guys made me wanna buy pokemon cards................................spent mad cash on it
Jason E.
Jason E. 16 days ago
Tyler's smart not saying Nickit out loud. People can manipulate the shit out of that footage, unfortunately.
Creepster 443
Creepster 443 17 days ago
7:20 it’s the boss music playing
Black Thunder
Black Thunder 17 days ago
7:32 that right there is a PSA10 Charzard and I’m pretty shure they are worth more than 100k not 400 dollars
_bennettmisti_ 17 days ago
Tyler: “I was drinking...” *👀*
I xdGage I
I xdGage I 17 days ago
First Moist Cr1TiKaL, Now you Tyler? *Tsk tsk* You guys need REAL help.....
MacroMyythix 17 days ago
Love you had to put in WAP dance in the title (that’s why I came)
Grizzly YT
Grizzly YT 18 days ago
I'd kill to spend a day with then just drunk I'd weeze harder than panda
Azriel McCluskey
Azriel McCluskey 18 days ago
Nickit + Being Drunk = Naked
Sarah Gray
Sarah Gray 18 days ago
Panda throwing the cards saying these cards suck with Tylors shocked face really have me cry laughing
Dark destroyer 6758
Dark destroyer 6758 18 days ago
My brother may have covid-19 I'm sad and going to cry
Familia Del Valle Flores
Familia Del Valle Flores 18 days ago
His not drung
GriimLiin 1206
GriimLiin 1206 18 days ago
Panda being drunk is funny asf
MrRexzo 18 days ago
I was in this stream😂
Crystal 18 days ago
Bit late but where is the best place to buy Pokémon packs?
VXC 3707
VXC 3707 19 days ago
Wait hold up Tyler has a girlfriend?
Daniel TOW
Daniel TOW 19 days ago
I laughed so much I could not breath
Tristynn Dean
Tristynn Dean 19 days ago
7:24 there you go your welcome
Joseph Walsh
Joseph Walsh 20 days ago
Came for the WAP stayed for the Panda
Kobe ssmbtn Mercedes
Kobe ssmbtn Mercedes 21 day ago
I saw drunk in the title and bought a bottle real quick lmao
W A P P Y 21 day ago
13:48 😂😂😂
シAc-galaxyシ 22 days ago
I have a question for everyone how sees this:should I sell my charizard gx or keep it?
Weknow 22 days ago
13:53 Wildcats face though 😂😂😂😭😂
David Bushyhead
David Bushyhead 22 days ago
I would love to know what you use to price your cards cuz i have some i want to find prices on
Fero Exe
Fero Exe 22 days ago
4:21 *oh daddy*
Mdunkonyoass 22 days ago
I have the Pikachu panda pulled if anyone wants to buy it 🤣
Dingo71 23 days ago
Best shit ever!!! ;]
El Gordo
El Gordo 23 days ago
Wildcat was S H O O K E T H when Panda threw them cards lmao
Brett Lauzon
Brett Lauzon 23 days ago
At 8:35 jiggly telling Nintendo to send them cards 😂😂😂😂😂
Vee U
Vee U 24 days ago
WAP: Wildcat and Panda is the only wap we need
CHANDE Southern
CHANDE Southern 24 days ago
Phineas when Anthony from the cars that made me love so freaking hard I saw your face World Cup oh my God you scared of
Goldie RyRy
Goldie RyRy 24 days ago
8:29 I love how Keno just walks out of the room covered in his blankie. IT’S SO CUTE!!!!!! Lol
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