Among Us but the crewmates just vote themselves out whenever I'm Impostor...

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8 days ago

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I AM WILDCAT 8 days ago
Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: ✅ ANDROID: ✅ PC: and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days
Tashfeen Haider
Tashfeen Haider 5 days ago
Hey wildcat.I have downloaded the 3 game 3 to 4 times and still not received the reward whats up with that
Yazmen Rush
Yazmen Rush 6 days ago
Y’know... I might actually download it
Ookami no Tamashi
Ookami no Tamashi 6 days ago
How do I claim the starter pack do I just log in I downloaded it but I don't know when I get my starter pack
Jayden Plaza
Jayden Plaza 7 days ago
@SomeAustrianGuy ok sorry
SomeAustrianGuy 7 days ago
General Grey
General Grey Day ago
My god that race XD
Olivia Gao
Olivia Gao Day ago
How to lose as an imposter: you don't. You automatically win because every person decides to leave the game.
Dominic Brandt Outdoors
Dominic Brandt Outdoors 2 days ago
3:30 youll know when to use this
Nathan Hill
Nathan Hill 2 days ago
Man raid shadow legends is so garbage
JustARandom 2 days ago
Not Nator
Not Nator 3 days ago
How did we go from skin flakes to raid shadow legends?
jeff7214 3 days ago
Now the ending was content!
Ninu Marie
Ninu Marie 3 days ago
I keep thinking JT is shady because they use the same skin ;-;
MR. Chicken
MR. Chicken 3 days ago
Did he just compare pokèmon to skin flakes to rage shadow legends.
SuperPIZzaxvc Ghjism
SuperPIZzaxvc Ghjism 4 days ago
Wildcat is the only person that can make yellow look sus
zachary frye
zachary frye 4 days ago
hi wlidcat i love you vids hope i see you some day
Braxton Chase
Braxton Chase 4 days ago
The cousin kissing classic
Kevin Elremawy
Kevin Elremawy 4 days ago
I forgot how loud deluxe is 🙄
Rose White
Rose White 4 days ago
I woke up my fiance with my hysterical laughter at the race at the end. That was absolutely fantastic
Kyle GMaster
Kyle GMaster 4 days ago
That fking raid shadow legends ad.
Savage_Logan 4 days ago
I died when he said *Hey Pete check this out, fuck you Pete* and kills him I was crying.
Lil Yeet RBLX
Lil Yeet RBLX 4 days ago
POV: you are here from tik tok
Dirty Socks
Dirty Socks 5 days ago
Deluxe is a sore loser
Michael Cross
Michael Cross 5 days ago
that literal speed run in the end xD
JEFF21Gaming 5 days ago
the nascar race WAS THE BEST CLIP OF AMONG US OF ALL TIME who needs hide and seek when there is NASCAR!!!!
shalva samchkuashvili
shalva samchkuashvili 5 days ago
The sponsor made no sense and Made me die of laughter
Tashfeen Haider
Tashfeen Haider 5 days ago
I have downloaded raid 10 times and still got no rewards. 😭😭😡 Whats up with that?
francesca Ellis
francesca Ellis 5 days ago
Marvinthecat 20
Marvinthecat 20 5 days ago
Man your ad shit got me 🤣 I thought it was a new ad but as soon as you said the r in raid I fucking died lmfao
KidLegend45 5 days ago
Raid shadow legends must be giving y’all BANK BANK
Cosmic Activity
Cosmic Activity 5 days ago
Damn y’all kept killing Speedy in the beginning, but damn that race 😂
Michael Mcclanahan
Michael Mcclanahan 5 days ago
Raid sucks!
Jose Palacios
Jose Palacios 5 days ago
Do amoung us but no skip
Cosmic Activity
Cosmic Activity 5 days ago
1:00 so true, D20 is precious
Cole Hunt
Cole Hunt 5 days ago
Man, I love your videos!!!!!!! they always remind me of myself while playing video games and your funny asf to me Keep it upppp pleaseeeeee!!!!
Jake the snake gaming
Jake the snake gaming 5 days ago
Tyler did you play final fantasy as a kid??
Mir Bryant
Mir Bryant 5 days ago
F U pete 😂😂😂 15:18
Cozy shadow
Cozy shadow 6 days ago
You got d4 and d20
WinterMage 6 days ago
“Is you Pokémon Trading Card collecting getting too expensive? Play Raid Sha-“ $@%& this, I’m out.
Uriel Acosta
Uriel Acosta 6 days ago
When he said raid shadow legend I was sheeeeeeah
N8thegreat525 6 days ago
FUCK YOU PETE!!! had me laughing so hard
Aquafied 6 days ago
Mercy100k 6 days ago
Wildcat gets imposter *intense deep throat noises*
Axios Gaming
Axios Gaming 6 days ago
“Fuck you pete!” 😂😂😂
Bembel Warrior
Bembel Warrior 6 days ago
Listen no one is downloading raid shadow legend ok wildcat
Philbert 6 days ago
Wildcat’s among us stats: Time spent as crew: 475hrs Time spent as impostor: 0:32hrs
jalen braxton
jalen braxton 6 days ago
Raid Shadow Legends sponsors everybody but nobody plays
Tez -Magicz
Tez -Magicz 6 days ago
So is deluxe a cry baby ??
noct31 6 days ago
I need to see more NASCAR mode
Shadow the Hedgehog
Shadow the Hedgehog 6 days ago
The racing champion returns! All hail Hagrid!
Thomas Storment
Thomas Storment 6 days ago
I LOVE the lizardmen but I don't get much
Cole McMahon
Cole McMahon 6 days ago
Personally my favorite part was where segwayed to raid from collecting pokemon that shit killed me
Dylan 727
Dylan 727 6 days ago
Deffy Duck
Deffy Duck 6 days ago
Make another proximity chat video it was funny af
WhangaTy 6 days ago
WTF is that intro
Delirious Gaming
Delirious Gaming 6 days ago
what's the name of the music @ 1:00?
Yahet019 6 days ago
"Hey Pete check this out!"
Opr8tr 7 jr
Opr8tr 7 jr 6 days ago
Is that a different toast?
eddie beeler
eddie beeler 6 days ago
you should do a everyone vote for who they think it is during the game
Ookami no Tamashi
Ookami no Tamashi 6 days ago
How do I claim the starter pack
Mjay Dillabough
Mjay Dillabough 6 days ago
pokemon better legit real irl cards better than electric garbage :P
David Lhok
David Lhok 6 days ago
I laughed so hard at the last run xD
Guts Carmine
Guts Carmine 6 days ago
that yoda death sound gets me everytime
Yo Willz
Yo Willz 7 days ago
15:19 bruh this shit had me dying
Stephen Levine
Stephen Levine 7 days ago
When Deluxe said "For the Ladies" I instantly thought of Felipe the Dolphins Fan.
kurai shinzou
kurai shinzou 7 days ago
Hey Pete check this out had me dying
Logan Velez
Logan Velez 7 days ago
bring proximity chat back!!!!
Trax Fighter
Trax Fighter 7 days ago
How could we not guess the sponsor lmao
STILL 7 days ago
One doesn't own emotion, and when one is owned by emotion, it's a reflection of one's belief that one owns them♥️
Ethan Washington
Ethan Washington 7 days ago
CAN you play more fortnite because I loved you last fortnite video😫😫
INF_Vuxirz Gaming
INF_Vuxirz Gaming 7 days ago
BAHAH the sponsor part got me talking about Pokémon cards to Goldmember to raid shadow legends
StopW4tch 7 days ago
when wildcat kills someone it makes a slash sound then a yell, example 0:14, does anyone know where i could find the sound effect for the yells (and maybe the slash) thank you
Watermelonjimmy Recinos
Watermelonjimmy Recinos 7 days ago
Wildcat should play Total Warhammer 2 and play as a lizardmen and promote Raid
Jesse Rodriguez
Jesse Rodriguez 7 days ago
That race should be a new mode y’all play
DrenalinERush 7 days ago
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TARGET 7 days ago
Ahahaha funny video, love you bro
Churry 6 days ago
GucciTrashBag 7 days ago
Answer the questin thats the joke answer the joke
JustaNoobJaden 7 days ago
More races!🤣🤣🤣
Ernest baker
Ernest baker 7 days ago
POV you came from his tik tok video
SpyTarkov 7 days ago
I died at “Fuck you pete!”
Flame 7 days ago
They need to do more proximity chat in the game, that's more fun.
I Am Heffy
I Am Heffy 7 days ago
Holy shit. Somebody other than me says "jesus tits"!
Marvin Bonilla
Marvin Bonilla 7 days ago
Ayyyye kruzzzz what a cross over
Zinster 7 days ago
Nah i would rather collect pokemon cards better then RAID SHADOW LEGENDS
kokoro_rose 7 days ago
omg more nascar! lolololol
Andrew Argumedo
Andrew Argumedo 7 days ago
my birthday is on the 19 hope you do a vid then
AdeptAlgae 7 days ago
there a easteregg in call of duty cold war zombies
lil_j9sh _
lil_j9sh _ 7 days ago
You ain’t a real USpostsr util you get sponcerd by RAID SHODOW LEGENDS
_totallynotkris_ 7 days ago
I thought "RAID SHADOW LEGENDS" was dead
AscendPayday 7 days ago
You had me in the first half of that sponsorship haha
KING4ever Tj
KING4ever Tj 7 days ago
Do more races that was funny asf 😭
Julius Whisenant
Julius Whisenant 7 days ago
lmao thought it was gonna be a new sponsor i was wrong
lil-_-shyeYT 7 days ago
15:19 the best race ends with the best moment in this video
Dyzi 7 days ago
RAID: Shadow Legends™️ is an immersive online experience with everything you'd expect from a brand new RPG title. It's got an amazing storyline, awesome 3D graphics, giant boss fights, PVP battles, and hundreds of never before seen champions to collect and customize. I never expected to get this level of performance out of a mobile game. Look how crazy the level of detail is on these champions! RAID: Shadow Legends™️ is getting big real fast, so you should definitely get in early. Starting now will give you a huge head start. There's also an upcoming Special Launch
Killer 7 days ago
what was the start of this great video
DTfan43 7 days ago
Imagine being a USpostsr for almost 10 years and still cant handle spam. It's part of the game dude. Not going to pay 5 a month just to chat in stream.
Adam Carter
Adam Carter 7 days ago
Really had to bring up goldmember while I’m eating
S C 7 days ago
Nobody is borned cool... Expect of course the people who don't spam f in the chat for no reason
Blaze Flamez
Blaze Flamez 7 days ago
make another voice proximity video
Marcus R.
Marcus R. 7 days ago
It was the Deluxe brothers you killed.
Sketchin' Weeb
Sketchin' Weeb 7 days ago
Nah, no pokemon cards for me I'm a yugioh man
adan swann
adan swann 7 days ago
Play stranded deep it would be an awesome series to watch
Alex Aranzazu
Alex Aranzazu 7 days ago
Del Monte is Dead to Me
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Del Monte is Dead to Me
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Tom MacDonald - "SELLOUT"
Tom MacDonald
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