Embr but we shouldn’t be allowed to be firefighters...

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3 months ago

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Dragon Fire
Dragon Fire 8 days ago
When marcel said "excuse me sir" and broke the glass somehow got me
Cameron Flowers
Cameron Flowers 9 days ago
We need another
MW-slayer 725
MW-slayer 725 Month ago
What song is this
STICH 330 Month ago
7:06 whats the song
Rugen 2 months ago
"naa just steal it" said the dark skinned
Sara O'Donnell
Sara O'Donnell 2 months ago
holy diver
Aydxn 2 months ago
“tHaNk yOu iTs tO pRoTeCt mY bRaIn”
Rax13gaming 3 months ago
Do more of this game
Flaco 3 months ago
Funniest video I've seen WILDCAT upload
Kyle Mowery
Kyle Mowery 3 months ago
Could u play more of this it seems fun lol
Lincoln Kuckhahn
Lincoln Kuckhahn 3 months ago
Love the short oceans sound byte
Itz_MorgaX 3 months ago
This was hilarious!!!! PLS DO ANOTHER
Daniel Serna
Daniel Serna 3 months ago
Dude this video was amazing no cap
RUDY PLAYZ 3 months ago
3:45 basically makes a lil uzi vert reference 😎😎😎
Punk Gaming
Punk Gaming 3 months ago
It’s literally Nogla
Novieee Dot
Novieee Dot 3 months ago
Can somebody please tell me what that song or beat or whatever it was name at 7:06. I look in the disscripsion but it wasn't there i looked at the name of the dude i still couldn't find it and yeah.
Okey 3 months ago
*This is Fine*
Seahicken 3 months ago
It says this game is tf2
Space Bear Cadet
Space Bear Cadet 3 months ago
7:07 Al Le menthe? From one of the Oceans films.
Tate Crow
Tate Crow 3 months ago
y ur subs fake😂😂
Aksakii Sukkah
Aksakii Sukkah 3 months ago
Horrible firefighters😂😂
Mason Buchanan
Mason Buchanan 3 months ago
I love how he was running around spraying water screaming wet azz puh7
BSVA_BBRandom 3 months ago
Hi wild cat you probably won’t see this but my brother has really wanted a shoutout and love you vids your a great person keep going as I am 7 subs I’m keeping grinding ❤️
Jelly 3 months ago
Ben Shapiro joke was so underappreciated
braxton conley
braxton conley 3 months ago
when’s conner coming back🤔
Liammations 3 months ago
Wildcat I want glitch but it soldf ouyt what do I do ooo?/?//??//
sportykev 3 months ago
Lol Oceans 12 obstacle music
BaconRevolution 3 months ago
Dylan B
Dylan B 3 months ago
Who else waiting for them to play fall guys
Ricardo Cinco Jr
Ricardo Cinco Jr 3 months ago
wildcat where is the new rampart video for apex legends?
BigNathGaming 3 months ago
I love this game. It's amazing. I hope it comes to console soon. It would be so funny. You guys should play it drunk.
Jesus Perez
Jesus Perez 3 months ago
Do a fortnite video of getting all the mythic guns on fortnite and chug chug please do it
William Oleniuk
William Oleniuk 3 months ago
You guys got to get nogla and Brian to play this game
American Gaming
American Gaming 3 months ago
Anthony: we don’t condone stealing. Marcel: I’m stealing the tv! I’m stealing the tv!
Fintan Leech
Fintan Leech 3 months ago
9:48 had me in tears laughing
Ryan Ayouni
Ryan Ayouni 3 months ago
Davy Jones
Davy Jones 3 months ago
DBZ Fan 3 months ago
It’s not about the fire it’s about saving the people “It’s optional”
Boi gaming Bear 3
Boi gaming Bear 3 3 months ago
Pettiton to make wildcats new intro pig step
Kaysen Pitcher
Kaysen Pitcher 3 months ago
Please do more vids of this game lmao
Savage_Repeat It
Savage_Repeat It 3 months ago
Hey WildCat you should try out this game called DayZ it’s a survival and pvp game and their are also some modded servers.
R Desp067
R Desp067 3 months ago
I’m am wildcat video but the title is grammatically in correct
Kostix_Gaming 3 months ago
Why does nogla not play with yall anymore?
Jorell Jimenez
Jorell Jimenez 3 months ago
The description labels the game as tf2 lol
xxJUDASxx [Tiffness270]
xxJUDASxx [Tiffness270] 3 months ago
Imagine your firefighter carrying you outside and he throws you to safety going "YEEEEEET"
Nathaniel Malcolm
Nathaniel Malcolm 3 months ago
UberEats X Firefighters For Hire. A game that combined 2 parallel concepts into one, ontop of being played by Tyler and the Boomer bois..... *instant funni vid.* 😂😝
SleanPurk 3 months ago
Help ive falllen and i cant get upp 4:44 anyone remember that meme
A D O 3 months ago
Yeah you guys shouldn't be allowed to be a fire fighters
manperson366 3 months ago
Did I have a strok or is that really the title?
IGI 0110
IGI 0110 3 months ago
Never thought I'd love this so much
DeadlyArtemisxX 3 months ago
What ever happen to conner from Fortnite
Trynos 3 months ago
What is this game tho?
Trynos 3 months ago
Why does it say I’m the description team fortress 2?
LC Officer UNIT 97
LC Officer UNIT 97 3 months ago
4:22 Thats what we call a "Backdraft."
Dante Mathee
Dante Mathee 3 months ago
It would be awesome if you made a series on hide or die
Dante Mathee
Dante Mathee 3 months ago
Can you make a series on the horror multiplayer game hide or die but if you dont want to do it than can you at least convince ninja and delirious to play it.
Bec querel
Bec querel 3 months ago
7:06 I just got Forsen flashbacks from the floor is lava game
Prodegy Gamer
Prodegy Gamer 3 months ago
"I thought you gave her a pizza?" Yeah, a pizza my axe.
Firejet 21
Firejet 21 3 months ago
Why is this categorized as Team Fortress 2......
MrPeyton 3 months ago
Can someone please tell me the name of the song from 7:06 it's only one second but I remember hearing it before and I want to know the name of you know please let me know too ☺️
Mashtater2002 3 months ago
When I looked in the description it says the game is TF2. 🤣🤣🤣
Cameron Thompson
Cameron Thompson 3 months ago
Bro that edit with the song from Oceans 12 when you jumped over the electric water was so good
VanzeeGamer 3 months ago
Gaming title at the Description, Team Fortress 2
sourceddd 3 months ago
7:05 PHOON
David Hewison
David Hewison 3 months ago
Fire force really took a downturn huh
Jose Molinar
Jose Molinar 3 months ago
At 10:00 panda turns into Kirk cousins
Hamza Hamad
Hamza Hamad 3 months ago
Basically: Don’t ever get into an elevator during a fire. I guess he’s never watched Batman Begins
Traven Bingham
Traven Bingham 3 months ago
A fire fighters?
Sean LoRanto
Sean LoRanto 3 months ago
“We shouldn’t be allowed to be a firefighters” Engrish be hard do it be huh Tyler?
Tony_The_Pony32 3 months ago
11:04 had be crying 🤣
Alex M
Alex M 3 months ago
Loved the little phoon reference music.
Jordan Owens
Jordan Owens 3 months ago
What happened to con1234567890 or his real name Connor
lilpig9 3 months ago
The oceans 12 parcore was a class move
Obey_potato_23 on PS4
Obey_potato_23 on PS4 3 months ago
What happens to Conor?
Jogvan Joensen
Jogvan Joensen 3 months ago
Hahahah this game is amazing 😂 you guys are so funny 🤣🤣
Jared Thompson
Jared Thompson 3 months ago
Jiggly's laugh is gold.
Conner Zitzloff
Conner Zitzloff 3 months ago
A year
Conner Zitzloff
Conner Zitzloff 3 months ago
Vannos or evan makes 7.2 million dollars than Tyler or wildcat witch makes 2.2 million dollars
Satomi Murano
Satomi Murano 3 months ago
Video:Ember USposts:Team Fortress 2
SNXWBERRY APE 3 months ago
knock knock open up the door it's real
T- BONE 3 months ago
Play fall guys
Noah Muse
Noah Muse 3 months ago
:what people think fire force is
ninjacabbage54 3 months ago
11:09 “The fucking pizza+yoda sound!!!” This episode was hilarious
Ryan Vasquez
Ryan Vasquez 3 months ago
Do Fall Guys Bro.
Rafael Cuaresma
Rafael Cuaresma 3 months ago
The mistake in the tittle is *TRIGGERING*
Caleb Johnson
Caleb Johnson 3 months ago
More episodes of this !
T Bone
T Bone 3 months ago
Do you are have stupid
Hex King
Hex King 3 months ago
Shoutout to smii7y and jack 😂
PeekAhhBoo ICU
PeekAhhBoo ICU 3 months ago
I love the Canadian references 😂
Logan Stewart
Logan Stewart 3 months ago
U stoll our stuff.... Thats a 4 out of 5!
Максим Черняков
Максим Черняков 3 months ago
Привет меня зовут Макс и я из России и я ничего не понял в этом ролики потому, что я хреново знаю английский
Homecheese '
Homecheese ' 3 months ago
I Love it, more please in the future
Memo Lopez
Memo Lopez 3 months ago
Ironically there’s a fire near my house
Couger04 3 months ago
or if i could just play warzone with you
Razormarks 3 months ago
Anyone else notice TF2 in the description?
YNG xKxng
YNG xKxng 3 months ago
I’m a big fan and I use your bussy clan tag all the time and every one I play with uses it as well you are the funniest USpostsr ever so keep doing what your doing and keep making modern warfare videos
wyatt giese
wyatt giese 3 months ago
What is the name of that song when wildcat bhops over the electricity?
tomas4g13 3 months ago
7:05 editor deserves mad props for the Oceans 12 Laser Dance scene reference. Mad deep cut. Song: La Caution - Thé à la Menthe
tomas4g13 3 months ago
@Tyler woof, thats a legend deep cut
Tyler 3 months ago
It’s probably a phoon reference
Guillen 3 months ago
I'm still waiting for wildcat to start playing fall guys
Ethan Hinkle
Ethan Hinkle 3 months ago
Tons of comments about the title typo, not a single person says a word about Wildcat using Ben Shapiro as his first-30-second censor.
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