World of Tanks but we just ruin Christmas for everyone...

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28 days ago

Click on the link to start playing World of tanks on PC: You’ll get an awesome starter pack including T5 Excelsior, 7 premium days, 250,000 credits, 10x rental battles to test the following Emblematic Tanks (Rental), and Tiger 131 (German), Cromwell B (UK), T34-85M (U.S.S.R).
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Sean Boehm
Sean Boehm 18 days ago
PanHard 3: Pansexual
SpaceCowboyMugen 21 day ago
Me (a WT player): **scoffs** 480 shells for APCR and Sabot? 900+ shells for one match? I take 15 shells total with me in WT xD
Bobby Wood
Bobby Wood 24 days ago
7:55 is that Tachanka on the leader board?
Boden Bell
Boden Bell 24 days ago
You probably have non historical cosmetics disabled which is why you couldn’t see pumpkins and all fhat
Austin Beierle
Austin Beierle 24 days ago
I think the main theme of this is just hauling a bunch of ass
slade2556 24 days ago
Chuck norris doesn't need a tank.. he is the tank
Ash Watchez
Ash Watchez 25 days ago
They didn’t ruin anyone’s Christmas btw they just drove around at the speed of sound and died a bunch lol
PurgianBlackKnight 25 days ago
Did u know if u have an enemy highlighted and u click with scroll wheel it will auto target so u can focus on dodging while u can just click away every time u reload? You can also kill by just sitting on top of people. Also youtube has a lot of WOT wins and fails videos. Best ones are the ones with rage comic faces on them.
King Galix
King Galix 25 days ago
I swear Wildcat is one of the funniest you tubers to ever exist
Patient_X 989
Patient_X 989 26 days ago
everytime i watch a world of tanks video i remember why i hate world of tanks, War Thunder
dablakeboy 26 days ago
"Let's pick a fast tank" "Picks the Ltraktor" ...
I'm Jesus
I'm Jesus 26 days ago
The amx 40 tank is actually a duck.
CrayCray Mose
CrayCray Mose 26 days ago
robbie casbon
robbie casbon 26 days ago
Typical WOT sponsor gameplay. Includes: 98% teir 3, and lower gameplay. Has one high teir game play
PLUM DESTINY69 26 days ago
You should look at the tire ten tanks.
Chris Wyatt
Chris Wyatt 26 days ago
Anything with sark in I'll watch
Not Mimoraes
Not Mimoraes 26 days ago
I hope im not the only wot player thats in pain after this video
Harity Gaming
Harity Gaming 26 days ago
The amx40 is the quak tank XD
GoldenLightning_ 26 days ago
honestly I want more of these videos
Jaden Tan
Jaden Tan 26 days ago
I know they are just having fun but it still triggers me how bad they’re playing😶👀😂
PRYVTgomerPYLE 26 days ago
The tank that you are calling a "bird" is actually known as "the duck tank" in the world of tanks community!
ModdSquad _Kylo
ModdSquad _Kylo 26 days ago
World of Warships next Tyler
Jesus 26 days ago
B e a n s
_ZloyPe4enka _
_ZloyPe4enka _ 26 days ago
Hello i Russian ! Не веришь зря ахахахха я из России
Coby Leigh
Coby Leigh 26 days ago
8:40 and 10:24 - Bad Boys For Life but instead Soap Boys For Life, plus We wash hands together, we kill those bacteria, germs, virus, etc together 😎😏
BigDaddyDavies 26 days ago
Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays everybody!
Bruce Arceno
Bruce Arceno 26 days ago
Thx for tanks giving bro
FazingSpy Clan
FazingSpy Clan 26 days ago
The link isnt working for me
Tungsten 06gt
Tungsten 06gt 26 days ago
Soap Boys For Life!!!!!
Mftekk 26 days ago
Wildcast... With corpse..... Please
Dystre Døden
Dystre Døden 26 days ago
I will unsubscribe if I don't see a Chester vs Keeno video in the next MONTH. 😡
EBTcQR _ 26 days ago
i literally got a wot ad on this video now i feel oblygated to download this game
Joep Rossiau
Joep Rossiau 26 days ago
soap boys for life. Nice
ScaryTerry 26 days ago
This when we need Brian to say Tanks for watching
Random GameZ
Random GameZ 27 days ago
Little do they know that the AMX-40 has the nick name of "Duck tank"
ROFL - You guys crack me up!
ZomBslayer6 Games
ZomBslayer6 Games 27 days ago
Ahh yes the pc version to bad I’m on console
RainbowJoshHQ 27 days ago
*777* Me: Noice
Waberoid 27 days ago
You had me before and after Chuck Norris. Cause I’m for the game not him >_>
Lauren L
Lauren L 27 days ago
I'm soooooo excited for Christmas who else is
Liam Kennedy
Liam Kennedy 27 days ago
Anyone else an experienced WoT player watching this and just sighing
jaylin worlow
jaylin worlow 27 days ago
Wildcat you really need to try war thunder
Raiden Goben
Raiden Goben 27 days ago
U and the crew helped me through my house fire and my dog passing
Blue Clown
Blue Clown 27 days ago
As an X WoT player I'm thoroughly disappointed in your performance. I greatly appreciate the video tho lol
Doubex1 27 days ago
Sark, vanoss, and wildcat are a great video team
Shrimp Bagels
Shrimp Bagels 27 days ago
He right you can’t triple stamp a double stamp
David Jacobs
David Jacobs 27 days ago
Now I need soap boys for life merch
FearMePhoenix 27 days ago
Very epic ty
Taylor Myers
Taylor Myers 27 days ago
I already play this
intke 27 days ago
For the among us fans i asked him on stream and he said on stream that one coming probably tomorrow aka today
Keshav Maharaj
Keshav Maharaj 27 days ago
Pls play more Gmod pls with Vanoss pls
sakthi dhana
sakthi dhana 27 days ago
This is the funniest and best game play with friends please do more videos on this game
Kyle Justiniano
Kyle Justiniano 27 days ago
StormRinger47 27 days ago
Please play this more
Brixter Geronimo
Brixter Geronimo 27 days ago
i got a World of Tanks ad here before the vid starts
Brandon Ward
Brandon Ward 27 days ago
Chuck Norris drove a ramcharger
Brady Taylor
Brady Taylor 27 days ago
FrankThe FlyingFrog
FrankThe FlyingFrog 27 days ago
Giving them wheelies was a bad idea
Kodak White
Kodak White 27 days ago
Btw his name is barryjr83 and his USposts is frostycapalot fl
Darrennocap 27 days ago
That tank got a smooth back
Anderson Diaz
Anderson Diaz 27 days ago
I wish the 7 days of premium was for something else😔
Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez 27 days ago
Hi Wildcat I doubt I’ll get a response but today is my birthday and I’m now 17 and I just wanted to let you know that you have been a pillar of support on my life so keep up the good work and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
Joe Hem
Joe Hem 27 days ago
👍 content. Ty
Lxne Wxlf
Lxne Wxlf 27 days ago
sorry for being late homie
John Jones
John Jones 27 days ago
Dawg please play this with badger and heavenly at some point. Or look into tabg
Derpydog100 27 days ago
This was awesome please do more WoT videos.
MLG_Todd 27 days ago
"7 days of premium" Aww a man of culture
Usa_ 615
Usa_ 615 27 days ago
I play wot professionally and the amx 40 is the duck
yung duncッ
yung duncッ 27 days ago
As a legitimate world of tanks player, this hurts my brain. BUT everyone deserves to have fun every once in a while.
Jake Strok
Jake Strok 27 days ago
lmao i was the watching the stream when vanoss asked him to play with him and sark😂 i was the first one to call it out lmao
William Folwell Shryock Cooke
William Folwell Shryock Cooke 27 days ago
AnonymooseSMCP 27 days ago
Imagine playing world of tanks when you can play war thunder
AnonymooseSMCP 26 days ago
@yung duncッ Urmad cuz that game is straight trash and you know it. I don't even have to try to defend War Thunder ;)
yung duncッ
yung duncッ 27 days ago
stfu if you wanna play just tanks wot is by far better, but if you wanna play planes or boats then go right ahead
Z-man 123
Z-man 123 27 days ago
Chuck Norris + Christmas Tree🎄= 👍Ye
Zen Ent.
Zen Ent. 27 days ago
Wildcat these kids dont know who chuck norris is nor what walker Texas ranger
Brandon Custodio
Brandon Custodio 27 days ago
if you plan on actually playing this game dont. if you do want to play use the cromwell B, or the t34 as those are the best tanks from that line up. for making money/earning experience to transfer from crews with the gold you've gotten (the gold amount they give you is kinda useless
FOR Funny
FOR Funny 27 days ago
🙂thanks for good videos every time
FyreZ3 27 days ago
Chuck Norris Facts: Chuck Norris got Coronavirus. Now the Coronavirus is in isolation. Chuck Norris threw a grenade and killed 50 people, then it exploded. Death once had a near-Chuck-Norris experience.
John DiMarzio
John DiMarzio 27 days ago
Tyler - "My thing has two bullseyes on it" Me - That's one way to put it
Rhett Kelly
Rhett Kelly 27 days ago
Could you try warthunder next
Mopar Man1527
Mopar Man1527 27 days ago
How dare he use the smii7y outro music in the beginning of his video lol😄
Kiros Pedraza
Kiros Pedraza 27 days ago
The name's Pan Hard...Peter Pan Hard.
Jimmy Mai
Jimmy Mai 27 days ago
Symplefi 27 days ago
Tanks for this wonderful content!
sain is a goat
sain is a goat 27 days ago
A & J THE YOUTUBERS 27 days ago
Literally to the 1% who's reading this, God bless you , stay safe and have a wonderful day
PerhapsCanadian 27 days ago
this is hard but fun to watch
nicgamerz 27 days ago
gaminggod 4567
gaminggod 4567 27 days ago
SaintTwitch 27 days ago
Smart, now he can buy more pokemon cards.
norman sawyer
norman sawyer 27 days ago
Would be so mad if in a tier 9 battle 2 ebr's went to town with heavies instead of spotting
yung duncッ
yung duncッ 27 days ago
bro as a fellow wot player that fuckin triggered me beyond belief
flamewhisperer 27 days ago
As a WOT player it's always hilarious to watch new players play the game.
Windrazor 8403
Windrazor 8403 13 days ago
i have yet to play it
Fяıẓ_ _Dıṅツ
Fяıẓ_ _Dıṅツ 27 days ago
Haha For sure.. Just guns blazing. No tactics..🤣
yung duncッ
yung duncッ 27 days ago
so true this entire video (especially when they played tier 9) triggered me so fucking much
Chevy Hod
Chevy Hod 27 days ago
nowbro_lol 27 days ago
Absolutely disappointed in the comments. It's 2020, almost 2021, not 2012.
norman sawyer
norman sawyer 27 days ago
embrace the duck
Final Fantasy King
Final Fantasy King 27 days ago
"they have chuck norris, what more could you ask for" why would I ask for him? he's homophobic
Bailey Ellis
Bailey Ellis 27 days ago
Ive been playing WOT for 7 years and this painful and funny to watch
Daster 502
Daster 502 27 days ago
merry Christmas too all
Jackson Tabor
Jackson Tabor 27 days ago
I've noticed that anytime his video has a sponsor, he starts it with, "Hey, what's going on guys..."
Mini. Campbell.
Mini. Campbell. 27 days ago
Love these
Syn 27 days ago
When he plays with Sark or Sp00n they make the video so much better
maruftim 27 days ago
soap boys for life.
here comes the sun
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