Among Us but I 3rd Impostored the entire game...

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14 days ago

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Caleb Ilsley
Caleb Ilsley 11 hours ago
Rip con Shinobi life 2 got shutdown
IVI4I_IR0 19 hours ago
Eclipse 2 days ago
Aipha was actually wrong, on Polus you can do gas in whichever order you want.
wyatt ward
wyatt ward 4 days ago
Love this guy ive watched him for years and he always makes me laugh
Cosmic Activity
Cosmic Activity 4 days ago
Ayy the Crew
Ducky 5 days ago
Conner is a goat
ツyo4mo 6 days ago
Imagine if Connor won while playing roblox🤣
MiKi TheGamer
MiKi TheGamer 7 days ago
Please watch
Physiccx Gamer
Physiccx Gamer 9 days ago
Connor is a straight gamer dude playing among us and Roblox at the same time
Will Unetich
Will Unetich 9 days ago
Lightbot Static
Lightbot Static 10 days ago
3:33 literally made me jump. I had to check and make sure my flashlight had batteries. Listen to the voice saying "hi", if you know, then you know.
Oscrape Wendyes
Oscrape Wendyes 10 days ago
I say wildcat is the best one I’ve seen on among us
Ryan’s Gaming
Ryan’s Gaming 10 days ago
Anyone else just saw dk’s hat when he vented and so I thought that cat had him
Axios Gaming
Axios Gaming 11 days ago
3:34 was that connors voice?! 😂😂
John Horton
John Horton 11 days ago
who else thinks Con is a pretty chill kid?
lanale garry
lanale garry 11 days ago
broo wild cat did you not see dks wizard hat in 3:45 i saw it instantly lol
Luna 11 days ago
Ion wanna watch videos with some random lil kid 🙄
Tales of a Fox
Tales of a Fox 11 days ago
Connor 😂 you little git, never trust a child!
Ima9ineBreak3r 11 days ago
Wildcat, being a real man's man here showing his failures as well as his successes. Great content.
Louis Gigliotti
Louis Gigliotti 11 days ago
Carson Dortch
Carson Dortch 11 days ago
I swear wildcat hates playing with connor.
Douglas Froberg
Douglas Froberg 11 days ago
still a fan always a fan
shaven cream
shaven cream 12 days ago
why don’t you play with vanoss
Wadley-DONO 12 days ago
Me also playing the exact same game as connor on roblox '='
Berserker Boy
Berserker Boy 12 days ago
I’m glad we still get to occasionally see Connor play with the group
Nosedog 1
Nosedog 1 12 days ago
I wish ads had comments
MiKi TheGamer
MiKi TheGamer 12 days ago
Please watch
Angelina M
Angelina M 12 days ago
Connor is too adorable
Tigran hovo
Tigran hovo 12 days ago
wildcat sucks here is a picture of a fat person
D a n i c i a
D a n i c i a 12 days ago
Wild cat has the cutest thumbnails ever!
Jerron Innes
Jerron Innes 12 days ago
get Bay Area Buggs to play with you!
Keshaye Ironstar
Keshaye Ironstar 12 days ago
I’m sad I saw that first round it was cringe af
Aaron 12 days ago
Br00d was dutch so it was my brudda
xZesty 12 days ago
In the start I thought I was watching George Lopez
Dominic Berry
Dominic Berry 12 days ago
Imagine if Conner didn’t played fortnite that day.
peter Ni
peter Ni 12 days ago
cat is big pepega
Prestigious 12 days ago
Aipha is such a nerd, how does someone remember which gas has to be done first
androgynousangel 12 days ago
aye, which one of them had a jfk picture-
Celena Plath
Celena Plath 12 days ago
what the fu**
Koorgan C
Koorgan C 12 days ago
Does anyone know what brand and model microphone Wildcat uses?
Bram Van mun
Bram Van mun 13 days ago
When is the next wildcast???? I cant wait
10000 Suscribers With Videos Chalenge
10000 Suscribers With Videos Chalenge 13 days ago
Nobody: Wildcat: Making Everyone's Quarantine Better
STILL 13 days ago
Narrative of Self is the result of a feedback loop between “Separate Self” & Cosmos ♦️
Sister Mary Wormhorn
Sister Mary Wormhorn 13 days ago
I HATE 3rd Imposters. I can't stand them. 2 reasons I leave games. 1st It glitches so I legit can't continue. 2nd Is a third Imposter destroying the game for everyone.
Alonzo Arispe
Alonzo Arispe 13 days ago
I swear your videos make me day...keep it up brother!💯❤️
NotBender _
NotBender _ 13 days ago
A & J THE YOUTUBERS 13 days ago
Literally to the 1% who's reading this, God bless you , stay safe and have a wonderful day
Treetrunks TV
Treetrunks TV 13 days ago
exo gamer
exo gamer 13 days ago
hey wildcat don't know much about PCs so i was wondering what set up you have for recording so i will have a general idea on what to have in my PC when i build it? it would be nice if you responded or anyone in the comments who knows about PCs thanks for all the laughs over the years and the amazing vids
Gabriel N0el
Gabriel N0el 13 days ago
Ultra Link
Ultra Link 13 days ago
I respect Connor's Roblox grind. But Phantom Forces is the only good Roblox game I'd defend. Everything else is either a terrible development or just subjectively fun.
Big Kahoona
Big Kahoona 13 days ago
You should get back on Minecraft...
AKMTB 907 13 days ago
Do you still stream on twitch?
Zen Cole
Zen Cole 13 days ago
A Fight against Nogla and WildCat of Who Will Be the BEST THIRD IMPOSTER.
Fxck Love
Fxck Love 13 days ago
Who tf is connor
Evan Jones
Evan Jones 13 days ago
Wildcat I’m loving this video so far 10:05 Connor says ONE word and now ruins the last 2:48. That high pitched annoying and whiny and crying little baby ruins the vids bruh
Jacob Petkoff
Jacob Petkoff 12 days ago
Evan Jones
Evan Jones 13 days ago
10:05 click outta the video
Boopda 13 days ago
Why does gabbi have the BIGGEST MILKERS EVER
Ben Sievert
Ben Sievert 13 days ago
You should play Minecraft
Chucky cheese retard210
Chucky cheese retard210 13 days ago
Anyone seeing this have a Great day! I’m subbing to anyone who subs to me😀
The official 78 gaming
The official 78 gaming 13 days ago
Who else remembers this stream
IAMVIVID 13 days ago
A he Playing Shanobi Life 2
Core Rover
Core Rover 13 days ago
i’m lvl 1000 conner wassup with that
Cooly_dude09_YT 13 days ago
Dude Conner is making me laugh so hard
SupBoiGamer21 13 days ago
Remember what you did in bo2 touble in cod town you should get loads of your friends or some to do it again
Mack The Gamer
Mack The Gamer 13 days ago
Tyler you should play roblox with Connor for a video 😂😂
Abraham Gomez
Abraham Gomez 13 days ago
They’re really playing with DK metcalf
Abraham Gomez
Abraham Gomez 13 days ago
Haven’t seen d4 in a min I miss him
Ghost_Spider420 13 days ago
i might get roblox back just to play with Connor again lol
Connor Schueller
Connor Schueller 13 days ago
Anyone know how they know Connor? Kid's hilarious to have around, how in the world did that come to be?
Daniel Romero
Daniel Romero 13 days ago
Connor:says hes playing roblox Me = puts a shell in shotgun
3x3c0t3 13 days ago
Its been years and im still snooping around thas desc
Аркаша Звёздочка
Аркаша Звёздочка 13 days ago
it's very funny
Jakob Ottsman
Jakob Ottsman 13 days ago
Man this reminds me of the fortnite day except without as much variety. That's a bad thing by the way I'm sick of this fucking game.
MeepMeep 13 days ago
are you fucking serious? you're playing with Jay... fucking hell this is incredible
TRITOLUSZEK 13 days ago
for fuck sake connor again
Billiam 13 days ago
Connors only famous because he met wildcat on fortnite and I am happy with that
Aman Malkani
Aman Malkani 13 days ago
He pulled out his inner Nogla
Wavy 13 days ago
alternative title "Among Us -9000 IQ Play Costs Us The Game"
LIum in Comments
LIum in Comments 13 days ago
Hey Nogla isn't alone to be 3rd Impostor
BladeShifter 13 days ago
When Conner mentioned eenie meanie, it would’ve landed on him..just pointing that out lmao
Bradley777 13 days ago
we all know that wildcat has to be a roblox channel now yeah pro roblox player his titles would legit be "Roblox But i have a big brain"
Mystic TK
Mystic TK 13 days ago
Gundham Tanaka’s Loyal Servant
Gundham Tanaka’s Loyal Servant 13 days ago
What’s Connor’s user on Roblox tho-
Sam Goodair
Sam Goodair 13 days ago
Connor is a fucking LEGEND!!!
DiceDodo 13 days ago
And they were crew mates! Omg they were crewmates
ralph Monroe iv
ralph Monroe iv 13 days ago
Tyler Boebert
Tyler Boebert 13 days ago
Bring back warfare
Ebony & Ivory
Ebony & Ivory 13 days ago
Awe Jason Mewes💜✨
LEGO_VINNY 13 13 days ago
3:45 its was dk there is 2 lines next to each other
Bent Ice
Bent Ice 13 days ago
Makes nogla look more human
Ak47gostrider 12
Ak47gostrider 12 13 days ago
Tony Wood
Tony Wood 13 days ago
Who ever is dilldoyle Doyle is my last name
Jack Shits Alot
Jack Shits Alot 13 days ago
How bored does Connor have to be to play roblox while youtubers with MILLIONS of subs are playing among us right now?
Hector Hernandez
Hector Hernandez 13 days ago
dk is annoying lowkey
Wolfpatch666 13 days ago
so with the part where wildcat saw someone vent near him in coms. I didnt see a name i just saw a whitches hat and straight up knew who it was.
Whats-My-Fandom 13 days ago
4:52-4:58 BEAUTIFUL!
Bluestar4535 13 days ago
Tyler: I’m sorry to everyone who had to watch that. Tyler: I’m just gonna starts another game, cause that needs to be wiped from my memory. Also Tyler: puts it in a video for everyone to watch
Sluumpy 13 days ago
calm- rake
calm- rake 13 days ago
Eyy I'm grinding in shinobi life 2 for that byakugan too!
TheBetweenWorlds 13 days ago
God connor is so irritating. Why does he play with you guys? He the kid of someone?
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