Among Us but me and Sykkuno pull off the cleanest impostor round EVER...

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4 months ago

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Shift Gaming
Shift Gaming Day ago
The marvelous geography computationally mess up because edger contemporaneously excuse near a womanly criminal. sparkling, energetic description
Chris McNabb
Chris McNabb 11 days ago
Corpse needs to make an ASMR channel tbh I'd prolly cream myself every video ngl
Chavez David
Chavez David 12 days ago
The sweltering letter marginally milk because invoice angiographically prepare circa a damaging voyage. educated, rural windshield
Reizā [BlackWhite District]
Reizā [BlackWhite District] 13 days ago
For some odd reason, watching this video reminds me of how childish Val is. You'll know why everyone.
Alexander Caldwell
Alexander Caldwell 15 days ago
Not trying to hate but why is valk so mad about being accused when u have to accused poeple of doing things? Or was she mad about something else
Cammy D
Cammy D 20 days ago
The *DECEPTION* is on point.
Marvin Chaparro-Mendez
Marvin Chaparro-Mendez 21 day ago
Corpse voice makes me want to peacefully sleep
Acid Batz
Acid Batz Month ago
Grizzly made a Danganronpa reference when Sykkuno's body was called.
S O U L Month ago
I hate corpse. His voice is cringe
Pierce Rose
Pierce Rose Month ago
Claims that he saw Lesley vent. “I’m down to shoot Rae”
SPEDBro Month ago
Bro lazar is the best
lewis terry
lewis terry Month ago
Wild cat is the least simpest person in these vids facts
Mushromboe Invading
Mushromboe Invading Month ago
Everything Valkyrae and fuslie say sounds so suss even if their innocent
Final Hero
Final Hero Month ago
Did anyone find it ironic how Wildcat, a Pig, said "C'mere piggy piggy piggy" at the end there?
MLJesus ?
MLJesus ? Month ago
3:11 tf2?
SaturnWasTaken_ Month ago
Mike Brugler
Mike Brugler 2 months ago
**Sykkuno and I
Cam_shaft_06 /TTV
Cam_shaft_06 /TTV 2 months ago
Corpse should sing high pitch
Tenryuubito 2 months ago
Don’t touch pokimane she’s gonna get you kicked out
Andrew During
Andrew During 2 months ago
We need more wildcat and corpse vids
Annoying Toads
Annoying Toads 2 months ago
Its funny watching everyone blame everyone else besides the impostors 😂
Natalie Gonzalez
Natalie Gonzalez 2 months ago
laserbeam dont know how to say sykkuno. hahahahaahahaaa
matthew jolly
matthew jolly 2 months ago
Wildcat is GIGA brain
Nina Roxas
Nina Roxas 2 months ago
The gigantic beef unfortunately connect because fiction sporadically confuse before a evasive good-bye. light, incredible germany
Carlos Saucedo
Carlos Saucedo 2 months ago
Wild cat makes those noises to help him fake tasks
starry nights
starry nights 3 months ago
starry nights
starry nights 3 months ago
that wildcat x sykkuno win was Amazing. 🗣 some of the cleanest kills ever.
XYLO_REWINDZ 3 months ago
Corpses voice 😩
Hayden DeJohn
Hayden DeJohn 3 months ago
Anyone: *breathes* Lazar: “that’s enough for me”
Braylie Hoover
Braylie Hoover 3 months ago
Wildcat calling Grizzy thick is hilarious
AARON KAAR 3 months ago
"Awh this is nice,lets cuddle :) then he kills me" --wildcat, 2020
Bryce Cartrette
Bryce Cartrette 3 months ago
Anyone else hope to hear Corpse’s reaction to Grizzy wheezing?
Blake Krueger
Blake Krueger 3 months ago
KrispyJoker 2669
KrispyJoker 2669 3 months ago
My question is did poki say sorry to fuslie
FUZZYSAMURAIX 3 months ago
12:39 MY EYES!!!
Joshinator8 3 months ago
Anyone got the link to wildcats among us livestream for this video?
Tedd Camba
Tedd Camba 3 months ago
Operation:big foot hahahaha
Lixa 3 months ago
No way in HELL you can hate the man
Gavino Gutierrez
Gavino Gutierrez 3 months ago
that fucking screaming was the best
Iversus Griefer
Iversus Griefer 3 months ago
When corpse talks its music to my earssss, I love his voice, no homo
Deagan Cervantez
Deagan Cervantez 3 months ago
Skrrrrripdadadoodoo -Wildcat 2020
hygienix 3 months ago
His admin code 10038 times he will be not imposter
tony ichigo
tony ichigo 3 months ago
3:16 138=10038
IXC3L Shadow
IXC3L Shadow 3 months ago
Lazar always says “good enough for me”
tristin hernandez
tristin hernandez 3 months ago
Wildcat+laser beam=wildbeam, laser cat, and wild laser
Adileyshka Roman-Ortiz
Adileyshka Roman-Ortiz 3 months ago
Susie Susie Susie susie
Luca Mohammedi
Luca Mohammedi 3 months ago
corpse voice is sexy AF
Army_Soul07 3 months ago
Why is WildCAT’s USposts picture a PIG? (Cat and pig are very different)
Erick Sanchez
Erick Sanchez 22 days ago
Tyler has always called himself wildcat but made mostly famous by his gta 5 character which he wore a pig mask and became his "brand".
Savier Dellanos
Savier Dellanos 3 months ago
Bruh CORPSE sounds stoned asf😂
Dallas_ Marie
Dallas_ Marie 3 months ago
Among us brings the best people together bro
TeleTubbies 7
TeleTubbies 7 3 months ago
Wildcat could get away with murder so easily
Rock 3 months ago
Bruh corpse has such a deep fucking voice
Arztrekthical 3 months ago
The dinner bell scene had me dying 🤣🤣🤣
Ralph Boehmer
Ralph Boehmer 3 months ago
Lazar is nogla but instead of being the 3rd imposter by voting everyone for no reason lazar just hears something and votes
AppleBeeSting52 3 months ago
Corpse is weird.....
UndivisionIV 3 months ago
7:31 is what u came for
Carter Locurcio
Carter Locurcio 3 months ago
Imagine playing with pokimane
Terastas 3 months ago
CORPSE = a three-pack-a-day golf announcer.
Daddycat 69
Daddycat 69 3 months ago
I am wildcat I am daddycat
SpaceCowboyMugen 3 months ago
Poki is a mongoloid sometimes
plush video with fire mario
plush video with fire mario 3 months ago
I felt bad for lazor when wildcat killed him
equikelsey 3 months ago
when worlds collide
Thicc Oreos
Thicc Oreos 3 months ago
Wildcat I think I was just playing with sykkuno and Corpse
Skynx UwU
Skynx UwU 3 months ago
Yo what's the music when meetings are called, it sounds so fsjsjsjsjking amazing
Obey The Producer
Obey The Producer 3 months ago
8:28 corpse’ voice is literally an 808 bass
Chris McNabb
Chris McNabb 11 days ago
Id be creaming myself if he made an ASMR channel tbh
mike dude
mike dude 3 months ago
I was watching his stream
thicc palpatine
thicc palpatine 3 months ago
grizzly: are you calling me thicc? wildcat: THICC AS HELL BOI
Maria Do
Maria Do 3 months ago
Sykkuno always getting killed first.
XTndz YOUTUBE 3 months ago
Corpse voice is sooooooo smexy
Sevaun Mason
Sevaun Mason 3 months ago
Keep the among us content coming wildcat ‼️‼️
Brian Gray
Brian Gray 3 months ago
How did wild cat mock valkyrae? Serious question
Erick Sanchez
Erick Sanchez 22 days ago
It was a misunderstanding, Grizzy "mocked" her but rae thought it was Tyler.
Ethan Reed
Ethan Reed 3 months ago
Keep the among us content coming wildcat ‼️‼️
cjizzle 420
cjizzle 420 3 months ago
Poor corpse his voice is so quiet and deep he could barely get a word in with those loud ass's lol
Caroline A
Caroline A 3 months ago
Both you and Sykkuno got REALLY clean kills that game, I watched Sykkunos stream. Also those sound effects are cracking me up 😂
LegoMan_KWD 3 months ago
I'd never expect this group
Wiggle Master
Wiggle Master 4 months ago
how do you see the hats on people during voting is this some update I aint getting?
Derrail Reynolds Jr
Derrail Reynolds Jr 4 months ago
12:39 That was a sick beat! Lowkey, might have to sample that one, Wildcat!
Evan Trujillo
Evan Trujillo 4 months ago
ya it’s sooooo funny
Daniel Grisham
Daniel Grisham 4 months ago
why is their game look different? editing or is that a setting?
ovaelin 4 months ago
its the beta version of the game
beads 4 months ago
bruh wild cat is a mood i love this man sent him a friend request ;-; but its aight watching is good enough for me
Azizah Ilmi Rosyadah
Azizah Ilmi Rosyadah 4 months ago
i love this channel😭🤧👍🏼
Azizah Ilmi Rosyadah
Azizah Ilmi Rosyadah 4 months ago
hes so funny and the edit is wholesome
Pham Duc Thao
Pham Duc Thao 4 months ago
anyone know the song at 0:24
BigPackin Jackson69
BigPackin Jackson69 4 months ago
Wanna see more wildcat and corpse as impostor
Nathan Maca
Nathan Maca 4 months ago
Sykkuno and I*
HOT GIRLS TV 4 months ago
Hello everyone 👍✌️
TheCore TV
TheCore TV 4 months ago
SUB TO @TheCore TV
Maitrik Patel
Maitrik Patel 4 months ago
Good thing you didn't include that small beef, the comments would have been very upset with someone who made an honest mistake
Speeding with Steeto
Speeding with Steeto 4 months ago
7:00 pulling a sidearms! FUCK IT DUDE!
Oskiyy 4 months ago
Sykkuno and I*
NorthernLaw 4 months ago
LAZAR has the best strats
Davey Willemsen
Davey Willemsen 4 months ago
Why do the youtubers have colorblind mode and when they report and the tablet shows the skins of the people that doesent happen with me
Dax Vernon
Dax Vernon 4 months ago
I love that you’re playing with corpse I’ve watched you both for so long, this game brings streamers and everyone together to commit murder
lord death
lord death 4 months ago
I would love to play among us with you one day wildcat
George 4 months ago
Damn I cannot stand Rae
Terrorkatt 4 months ago
Damn, Daddy deep voice
Piper_ GoldenHusky
Piper_ GoldenHusky 4 months ago
CORPSE got his ass kicked by wildcat😂🤣
Kaleb 4 months ago
someone does anything remotely suspicious Lazar: "THATS ENOUGH FOR ME"
AJ Hillenbrand
AJ Hillenbrand 4 months ago
Funny how Wildcat hard sus's other people when he's the imposter, but is so casual most of the time when he's a crewmate.😆
GWvarner 4 months ago
I love how wildcat is good at every game he plays 😂
Nelson Perez
Nelson Perez 4 months ago
Id let corpse hit
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